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Unlike other spray-on coatings systems available, QWIK LINER® utilizes a pneumatically driven spray gun that dispenses 1:1 100% solids coating held in disposable cartridges. This gives you the applicator a chance to spray the best product available at an economical price. Take a look at some of the benefits when you become a QWIK LINER® applicator.

The interchangeable cartridges come in colors too, pre-mixed into the resin and ready to spray. With low- pressure delivery via your standard air compressor, the trouble-free QWIK LINER® system utilizes disposable parts saving you time and money on expensive replacement parts and repair bills. Ideal for repair shops, restoration projects, truck bedliners or any other coatings application imaginable, the QWIK LINER® system is the perfect add-on to any shop looking to start spraying a real 100% solids product at an affordable price.

Low Cost Start-up
To become an applicator and get information on the different start up packages we offer, click on the information request link. Information Request
With 8 colors available the QWIK LINER® system will cater to a variety of customer needs and open doors for endless applications.
Will not Warp, Crack or Peel
All of the QWIK LINER® products are extremely flexible and durable when permanently bonded to a properly prepared surface.
Easily Mobile
At less than 13 pounds QWIK LINER® is the lightest spray-on coating system available, making it ideal for mobile applications where other machines can not deliver. The QWIK LINER® system is completely air driven, no electricity needed.
Low / No Maintenance Cleanup
All parts that come in contact with any urethanes are quickly and easily removable and disposable making the QWIK LINER® system a dream to work with.
100% Solids
The QWIK LINER® material is of the highest quality until now found only with brand name 55 gallon drum feed spray-on bedliner systems.
High UV Stability
The ALPHACoat Aliphatic polyurea is ideal for applications that will see high UV abuse over time. Perfect for marine uses, decks and docks.
Rapid Cure
The true polyurethane and polyurea that the QWIK LINER® cartridge system delivers undergoes an exothermic chemical reaction when mixed in the tube. Once sprayed out of the air assisted head the material sets up in a matter of seconds.
Low Cost Replacement Parts
Due to the extreme self contained simplicity of the QWIK LINER® system, it has very few replacement parts and the parts that are replaceable are very inexpensive. No replacement hoses, fittings, pumps or expensive machine parts.
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