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Mixing Tubes, 3 Piece

The QWIK LINER® coating is mixed within the disposable static mixer. At the mixer outlet, air is introduced which atomizes the liquid stream. Since the reactive coating is contained completely within the mixer, cleanup time is minimal.


Includes: Static Mixer, Retainer Nut and Spray Tip
Length: 11"
Mixing Elements:24
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Sharpe Dessicant Dryer

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Sharpe's DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System is the Ultimate in air filtering technology. This 3-Stage System is the sprayers insurance for removing dirt, water, oil and uncondensed moisture from the shop's compressed air lines.

Look at the SHARPE Advantage:

100% indicating silica gel for maximum moisture absorption
Easy desiccant changeout
Built-in sightglasses for monitoring
Self-relieving air regulator
Mounting bracket included

STAGE 1 Filter: 5 micron filter removes water and dirt and includes an automatic drain
STAGE 2 Coalescer: Removes oil and sub-micronic (down to .01 micron) particles and includes an automatic drain
STAGE 3 Desiccant Dryer: Flows the air through 100% indicating silica gel beads to remove the uncondensed moisture (humidity) from the air - 30 CFM capacity

Read the following to learn why you should use the Sharpe DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System. When air is compressed, the temperature of the air is increased as is its capacity to hold moisture. As the hot air travels downstream through the lines, it cools, allowing the moisture to condense. Filters, drain traps, and driplegs are effective for removing liquid condensate. But for removing residual water vapor and aerosols, you need the Sharpe DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System.

As the wet compressed air flows through the inlet port and down the bed of desiccant, the desiccant (silica gel) beads absorb the water vapor and aerosols. The silica gel beads are so effective in absorption, the air humidity can be reduced down to a -40°F pressure dew point. Unless your compressed air is exposed to a temperature below the dew point, there will be no further condensation forming in your lines.

The microscopic pores of each silica gel bead are structured to attract and hold large capacities of humidity and prevent it from traveling downstream.

After the humidity has been removed, the dry air passes through a sintered bronze element, up the center tube, and out the outlet port. As long as the desiccant is replaced at saturation point, your equipment will receive ultra dry, moisture-free air.

As the desiccant becomes saturated with humidity, the dew point will begin to rise. This is evident when the blue silica gel desiccant beads in the sight glass change to pink, indicating the need for desiccant replacement. Simply remove the flange and bowl and replace with new desiccant.

Sharpe's DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System is a convenient and cost effective means of ensuring your spray work is never exposed to damaging condensed air humidity.

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