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Qwikliner Polyurea bedliner Video

"We have been spraying QWIK Liner® for about 2 years and find the product excellent. The ease of the product to work with and low odor is wonderful. QWIK Liner® is everything it says it is! it's fast. QWIK Liner® can be applied as fast as 1 hour from start to finish so customer satisfaction is very good, this included prep. My customers don't have to leave there vehicle over night they can pick it up the same day. QWIK Liner® has been a welcome addition to our business!!"

Dan Hof's Body Shop

"For me, a product is more than the thing you buy. When I went with QWIK Liner®, I was so impressed with the presentation, installation, service and quality of the bedliner. It all added up to a great product. After the lining was installed, I naturally started to notice other spray-on linings and bed-liner solutions in other trucks. None of them looked as good.

I went with QWIK Liner® because I felt that the company projected a professional image. This impression was based primarily on sponsorship they provided to World of Outlaws. I mainly wanted a lining that looked professional and conformed to the design/coloring of the truck. QWIKLiner® exceeded my expectations in appearance."

Chris Hardin
IT Developer and Loves Fishing
Cerritos, CA

"I bought my truck and immediately had a QWIK Liner® put in. Well, that lining paid for itself after just one trip.

After work I set my toolbox at the edge of the bed and drove home - several miles of twists, turns, bumps and hills. When I went to unload, I saw I'd left the tailgate down. I was sure my tools were gone. Instead, they were right where I left them - as if they were glued down. I've bragged how tough and good looking my QWIK Liner® is. But now, I have a better story to tell."

Jim Soos
Nashville, TN

Sasser Construction, L.C. is a custom home builder in Southeastern Virginia and we build large waterfront homes that are subject to the extreme wind, rain and humidity. For some time, it had been a challenge for us to find a waterproofing product that would serve as an exterior porch surface and as a spray on liquid flashing. Since we started using the QWIK Liner® Cartridge System about two years ago for exterior porch floors and waterproofing purposes, we have found the system to be a quick and easy way to apply the product without the time and mess of premixing. We have found the resulting surface to be very tough, durable and water tight. We would recommend this product and application system to anyone who needs to achieve an exterior waterproof surface that will stand up to the elements.

Eric S. – Sasser Construction, L.C.

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